Provide employers with a “paperless”, digitized solution to pre-screen workers prior to worksite access
Enable businesses to make informed, timely decisions about worker site access and assignments
Offer a single application for individual users to order, track and manage their verifications and status for work

Access Management

A customizable, 
no-touch facility access tool

Scan the QR code to guide users through the check-in or check-out process

Customized screening questions give your organization critical information

Custom forms are paperless
and stored digitally

No touch facility access approvals
and rejections

A one-stop solution
for workforce verification

Integrates seamlessly with nationally recognized TPAs for verified results

Cost effective and easy to use

Comprehensive compliance management reporting and predictive analytics

Digital solution minimizes unsafe paper-based person-to-person contact

Use case
for employers

Quickly communicate requirements to supply chain and workforce

Customize / initiate notifications to workforce

Communicate guidance documents
to workforce

Store workforce acceptance with date/time

Store questionnaire and results

Clear Worker Verification

Integration with Third Party Administrators (TPAs)

By integrating directly with TPAs, Veriforce WorkerPass will be able to provide a single platform for ordering, reviewing, and verifying worker screening


Authenticated, secure data integration with TPAs


Order necessary tests directly from the Workforce Solution


Allows users to verify test results from a single platform


Gain additional insights by leveraging worker data with analytics